Introduction to HTML and CSS coding

If you want to be a web developer or designer, HTML and CSS are some of the basics of coding you have to familiarize yourself with. For a start, learning HTML and CSS is very important, it’s actually the beginning.

HTML is a markup language for describing web documents (web pages) while CSS on the other hand describes how HTML elements are to be displayed on the screen, paper, or in other media. In CSS, you basically learn how to write simple CSS rules, to select based on element, class, or ID, and change the colors of your page.

How to learn HTML and CSS step by step!

While there are so many different ways to learn HTML/CSS, there is no better way to do this than online. There is a lot of material and tutorials online that teach about HTML, CSS, and other development languages. Some of the sites best known for this includes , Codecademy,,  among many more

Also, YouTube has a great tutor that’s can come in handy for HTML/CSS learning. You just need to visit and search HTML & CSS tutorials.

Intro to HTML and CSS Trailer

Learning HTML and CSS is fun and easy. It is a huge step towards web development and application. With little know about HTML/CSS, you can start making simple static web pages.

All the best as you think of begging your study lessons.

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