WordPress 4.5 Beta 2 is now available!

Do you want to try out WordPress 4.5 Beta 2?

This version is still under development, therefore we don’t recommend you run it on a business website. Consider setting up a test site just to have a glimpse with the new version. To test WordPress 4.5, try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin. Or you can download the zipped beta version on WordPress.com.

Here is a list of new noticeable features in WordPress 4.5

  • Added Horizontal Rule (HR) editing shortcut and dismissive “Paste as Text” notice in TinyMCE.
  • Selective Refresh support is enabled for core themes titles and taglines, which allows shift-click to focus on controls and PHP filters to apply in the preview.
  • Resolved a fatal error on image upload when ImageMagick could not complete stripping meta during resize (#33642).
  • Various bug fixes. We’ve made just over 100 changes in the last week.

This being a beta version, expect to come across bugs, however, you are advised to submit them at the Alpha/Beta area in support forum.

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